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Never… repeat.. NEVER a dull moment with the Carpenter Clan

Well, “Monday morning you sure look fine… Friday I got traveling on my mind” <sung badly and offkey>

Fleetwood Mac

Ah, have to love Fleetwood Mac.. and Monday of this week? What a day…

Originally I had posted that my employer, Websense, had agreed to let me work remotely, and in a PT basis where I could continue to draw my health insurance, and make a decent wage while traveling the US with my wife… It was a sweet deal.. Note the word “was”.

Monday we had a news release. Seems an investment company bought Websense for 1 billion dollars. All stock is frozen, and will be paid out at $24.75 a share, which is a GREAT deal for everyone (including me). AND they will take the company from being traded publicly to being a private company. Again, GREAT for Websense, as the requirements to be publicly traded are onerous… and I mean that. I have said many times over, if I were a CEO at a company I would NEVER go public..


So what does that mean? Well, it means that Websense no longer has to meet SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) requirements. This was a law put in place due to the Enron and WordCom meltdowns.. to keep CEO’s and CFO’s from claiming that they didn’t know their accounting was skewed and avoid legal action… nor do they have to report to the SEC, and a number of other painful regulations that you have to meet.. It truly is costly in both time and money. and again, I would NEVER go public.

So what is the big deal? For Websense? a great way to focus on product development and delivery. For me? Remember that SOX thing? Yeah, that. I am a SOX IT auditor.. so no SOX?

No IT Auditor…

They may need a financial audit team so that should they every decide to sell the company they will be able to show an audit trail, but as far as my job? Well, as soon (or sooner) as the deal is inked, I will more than likely find myself gainfully UNemployed.

And truthfully? I am ok with that. This may allow us to spend our time focused on each other and unwinding from the stress over the past few years. When you ask what stress? Don’t ask, I can’t list it all here, but it has been a bit much. I feel I am in desperate need of some relaxing time. Some time with my wife and family and a chance to seriously unwind. Maybe some time with my toes in the water and ass in the sand.



I cannot begin to thank Websense enough for the gig they gave me, or the support that I have received from them… seriously. great company to work for. For Lynda and me?

Happy trails.

happy trails

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Dodged that bullet

Whew* I can breathe now.

Where to begin on this one… Lynda underwent some treatments sometime back for a cancer scare that she had, and with that, underwent some IV therapies that seems to have caused some damage to the small intestine.

There is a junction where the small intestine and the large intestine meet. and Lynda’s small intestine, at that point, had a “stricture” which is a fancy way of saying that the intestine simply closed up.. down to such a small size that regular food could not pass. The doctors were puzzled, no real reason for it, but they also knew that it would have to be surgically corrected. Lynda did do her best to try to fix it naturally, through eating gentle foods and supplements that promote intestinal health, but alas, it failed to have results.

So, the surgeon went in with a endoscope and found that the intestine was exactly as they suggested, a simple stricture with a straightforward correctional procedure. There was fear that it might have been a mass or something else, but the doctor said there was no signs of cancer anywhere, hell, he even looked at her liver… all clear.

He also agrees that Lynda was probably right, that the stricture was probably caused by her treatment. And with that, she has been given a clean bill of health. Our departure date of June 28th is still on track, and once she recovers, we will continue training for our hiking trips.

And one more point, when the doctor says endoscope? small scars? They are correct, but the procedure? is about as invasive as it gets.. I saw the pictures… OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH… remind me to stay healthy.

Happy Dance Time!

Cabana Boy

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