Our adventure together began in 2004 with a road trip from Alaska to San Diego via Key West.

Yes, that Key West

In an 18 foot travel trailer while reconnecting after a 22 year separation. (We were high school sweethearts) from Roswell, New Mexico.. yep that Roswell, where the aliens landed and never left….


We found that we travel very well together, and wanted to do more. In 2006 Lynda was diagnosed with breast cancer. My nightmare was returning. Connie, my first wife died from pancreatic cancer. Connie survived 163 days from diagnosis to death.  Since that time, we have lived a very active life. Getting the most out of very day, but we felt that something was missing. In 2008, Lynda was given the diagnosis of a metastasis to the shoulder.

The cancer had gone from serious to deadly serious. We treated her cancer through alternative methods and blew through our savings rapidly. We found that we could pay medical bills or house payments but not both. We opted to pay the medical bills and gave up the house. Wells Fargo was not willing to work with us in the least, they simply cast us aside. Thanks.

Later, in 2011, while having a deep conversation with my younger sister, she asked me what would I do if I lost Lynda. I was stunned. I had not truly contemplated the fact that she could have lost that fight. I responded that I would travel the US. Go hiking and skiing, but other than that, not much, as without Lynda, my world would change, and not for the better. I pushed that thought from my mind as quickly as it entered. Some things are better left alone

Lynda and my sister discussed that conversation (unbeknownst to me) and Lynda approached me with the same question, in which I gave her the same answer. She looked at me for a moment and then, much to my surprise, she asked “Why should we wait”? “Let’s do it together”.  Today we are the picture of health. Our bodies are in good shape, our minds may be questionable, but that aside, we have decided to begin a journey.


A road trip FOR a lifetime. So… we are journaling our trip, from start to finish, and we hope that you that follow our trip will find inspiration, fun, and most of all an insight to life that when having faced serious challenges, you can indeed find a way to live life with a smile. So come along, hop on board, and we hope you enjoy the ride.


We are updating this “about”. Lynda’s diagnosis has shifted from deadly to NED (No Evidence of Disease). We are beyond ecstatic, Lynda is about to finish her masters in complimentary and alternative medicine, and we have settled (for now) in Grand Junction. We are unsure if this is going to be a home full time, or a base part time and travel out from there, or just rent the places out and travel.. much remains to be seen. There are several pointers driving our choices, including the upcoming election for President. That part I will leave to the process and see who we end up with, but that may be a small factor in traveling in the US or overseas… either way, stay or travel, we are on a new adventure…

Stay tuned folks, it is going to be a FUN ride.


Erick and Lynda


11 thoughts on “About

  1. God Bless you two, may she get well 🙂

  2. You are such an inspiration. Much love

  3. Nice Blog! Hope to cross paths with you on this mudball planet called Earth.

  4. Just found your blog thru the Newmar website. I admire you for what you are doing. I just bought a used, one owner, 2001 Dutch Star 4095, who I affectionately have named “The Beast”. I already own a 2002 Mountain Aire that I call “Big Boy”. I have the MA in a rental program here in Canton, Ga. and the DS will be the first coach in a timeshare program that I developed.

    I am immediately relating to your story as my wife just got her results back from her yearly mammogram and we have to go back for further testing next week. Needless to say, she is very worried, but I told her that since she gets the test yearly, the likelihood of something developing year to year is remote. Although she didn’t take a liking to the MA, I think she likes the DS. We will be building a home in Maine’s mid-coast area in a couple of years, living there May thru November, heading down to the Gulf Coast of Florida for the winter and traveling intermittently in the RV throughout the year. My goal is to purchase another Newmar in 2017, looking at model years 2008-2010 with the Comfort Drive system. This will be our own RV with no rentals, etc. Maybe we will see you on the road some day. My avatar is a picture of our sweet little girl, Sugar, who we adopted 4 years ago from our local shelter. When I’m reincarnated, I want to come back as her.

    • Eric very cool.. Here is to your wife having great results and happy days… sounds like you are quite the businessman, and that things are working pretty well for you. We settled here in Colorado for the time being, until my wife is finished with her masters, then? who knows. will see what turns up, but we are beginning to lean towards the road again… Thanks for the comment, and who knows? our paths may cross at some point. Love to see you in that Newmar in 2017…

      Erick and Lynda

  5. esfritzi

    Thanks for responding. Good fortunes in 2015! I feel a good year coming.

  6. Lisa Bush

    Thank you for sharing your story. I just found your blog, so I haven’t had much time to explore it yet. I am wondering what kinds of alternative treatments your wife chose to do? Good Luck with your future travels!

    • Lisa, quite a few various modalities. change of diet, boatload of supplements, baking soda, the list goes on a bit, but it has worked. if you want to contact her or have questions, she can answer them a heck of a lot better than I can.. email me at Erick@carpenter.net and I will pass you on to her, and you two can chat!


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