Holidays with the family

The ski season (as early as it has been) has been great. We have taken our time getting our ski legs underneath us, not pushing too hard so that we end up with accidents… Just enough to enjoy a good leg burn and soak in the hot tub at the end of the day… all in all, it has been better than expected.


We are now in Albuquerque, NM visiting my sister, Daonne, then heading to my other sister’s home in Midland, where Ellen and the girls will put together a Thanksgiving feast! woot woot. It has been a great time just hanging out in New Mexico, but Lynda and I both realize that we do not miss NM that much. Our families? yes, but the Land of Enchantment? Notsomuch. Remember they tested the first nuclear bomb here in NM.


We both have been reflective of our pasts here in NM. My mom’s place out on the edge of town with a couple of  acres, and further down the road, Lynda’s parents place of about 80 acres. We have funny and happy memories (probably swiss cheese memories) of Roswell and all that unfolded there. When I say “Swiss Cheese” memories, they are memories that often have gaps or holes that we fill with the pleasantness that we choose to remember. I shy away from the shadows of those days, as the holidays for the most part, were family time… True magic of getting together and for a while, putting the “junk in the trunk” and enjoying each others company.


They were times of warmth and love spent over the white octagonal table my mom had in the kitchen, or on the bean bag in the living room that in and of itself had many slap happy memories. Including catching my brother with one of his sweet hearts while he was attending New Mexico Military Institute… He had spent a lot of time enticing that young lady to come over to the house, and in walks little brother, who, in the dark, thought it was the babysitter on the bean bag. I walked over, turned on the light, saw who it was, and very nonchalantly turned the light back out and left.


Giggling the entire time.

My brother; never; in 35 plus years, has ever forgot that episode…(Neither have I!)

Other memories included our family dog, Duke, rolling on that beanbag in complete abandon, or just snuggling with Lynda my girlfriend at the time, who now, decades later, is my wife. That living room, encompassed so many pleasant family episodes, that they often blur together, as the years have flown by. Memories are tricky things, they have a tendency to change through the years, and often, it is hard to discern what really happened versus what the mind believes happened. But all in all, the love, the warmth, that, above all, shines through.

In that mindset, it is here that I wish the younger generation the same warmth, family love, and caring that we shared so many years ago, and still do today. It is a precious gift that is hard to bestow, and often harder to accept. So, to all those that read through this post, please find the time this year to put life aside for a moment, and share the season with your family. That family can be your biological family, your adopted family, your foster family, even your military family… regardless, may this season be one of many happy thoughts and memories.

From our home to yours.

Erick and Lynda Carpenter


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