Drop off the map.. and go where the winds of the heart blow

Well, 56 days, and we launch into our new lives. This new adventure is approaching fast, and as life does, it throws a curve just to get your attention. As you may remember, Lynda underwent surgery for her intestinal stricture. The doctor gave her a thumbs up, and a warning… “There will be ups and downs”. and off we went, full tilt boogie, back to her “normal diet” which includes some damn strange dishes… But fun all the same.

At least until the night before last. Her stomach locked up, and we were just about freaked. She was in considerable discomfort, and we pulled out all the stops as we had done before. Better living through pharmeceuticals, hot bath, and finally, a Vicodine.

Well, she slept through the night, and woke the next morning and all was well. But it spooked the hell out of both of us. She called the nurse at the surgeons office, who was a bit taken aback by Lynda’s rather brash and fowardness. But she passed the info on to the surgeon who doesn’t usually return calls. He returned this one.

Remember those “ups and downs” I warned you about? “Yes, this was one of those”.. We felt a bit foolish, and much relieved, and Lynda is back to going and blowing… Our plans are still on track for the road trip for a lifetime. and we are moving with purpose…

We have made some minor adjustments to our plans, as we are picking up my nephew, Garrett Taylor July 12 at the Salt Lake City airport and will have him join us for a month or so out on the road. We will meander through Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming before bringing him back to Salt Lake City so that he can return to Oklahoma City where he can get back to school and his friends. (This is an OLD picture of him, but what I have)


During that time with us, we have some plans of hiking trails, maybe some rafting, will see how it spins out… and Garrett gets to pick some spots we will visit, as this is a collaborative adventure… hehe.

After we are through wearing his butt out, we are going back to the Wind River area in Wyoming for a NOLS backpacking trip. 6 days in the backcountry for an executive leadership course, followed up by going across the US to the east coast and down with the leaves. At that point, the idea is to setup in Colorado for the ski season, then return to San Diego for some work I have to do for Websense Inc.. (who just ROCKS) and return to Colorado when done.. My boss, Cathy Young, is working with me to set dates for the return work… Once complete, back to Colorado, ski our butts off, then head to Florida for some diving… after that?

Pick up my sister Daonne, my nephew (again provided he even wants to come along) and maybe my other sister Ellen for a week or so,  and go to Alaska via the west coast….. Stay tuned… Adventures are on the horizon, and coming up fast!

Ellen and Daonne

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One thought on “Drop off the map.. and go where the winds of the heart blow

  1. Bill Ryno

    I think y’all should pick me up and let’s head to Wyoming for the spring hunt for prairie dogs.

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