Planning stages… how the mind wanders

Well, the planning stages to our road trip for a lifetime has commenced.. I have decided that instead of just launching willy-nilly that maybe we put together points of interest that are always optional, with some bucket list items scattered throughout.

I began with looking at National Parks.. then National Forests, now will delve into State Parks. and with that, as we will have internet connectivity in some places (hopefully more than less). We have our course mapped as far as the direction we want to take, now comes the “what in the hell do we want to see?” and our answer?

All the beauty this country has to offer. I have previously posted the areas that are on our bucket lists. Those area given. and I am adding in a host of other places that just sound intriguing.. and the fun part? If we don’t get to all of them this time? We can do it again.. hehehe

There was an interesting moment last night with my wife, it was one of those moments when you find that you have made up your own stories about what your spouse believes in or is interested in. Lynda has  distaste for violence and scary movies.. In the real world as a paramedic, the guts and the gore didn’t bother her. But in the Hollywood world, it troubles her tremendously. So, having that knowledge of her, I just brushed off historical battlefields and historical sites (which I kind of lumped together) and was proceeding along my merry way when I saw Gettysburg.

I thought this was a place where a lot of men died giving  a certain meaning and a turning point for our country. I turned around and asked Lynda if she would mind visiting such a site. And to my surprise she not only said “Yes” to that, but wanted to see and visit more of our nations history. I was pleasantly surprised, but in that, discovered that often, regardless of how close or how well you think you know someone, we make up our own stories and make assumptions.

This I will put as one of those things most forward in thought processes.. Don’t assume, ask… and the answer may surprise you….

So back to the post subject at hand… Our intent is to hike and camp at as many places as we can find. Lynda has a phenomenal camera that desperately needs some work in the great outdoors. So over the next few months we are going to start testing our old camping gear, buy new stuff where we need it, and begin training ourselves for some fun overnight hikes.. (Don and Barbie you have been the inspiration for this just so you know)

My question to all.. Do you know of any neato skeato out of the way spots anywhere in the country? Often, the really beautiful areas are hidden, and known only by a few.. Please share if you will.

The countdown has begun.

Cordova 3


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