As the mind wanders…

So goes the soul…

Well, sounds good anyhow. Lately I have spent some time day dreaming about our road trip, places to go, people to meet, things to do. I am almost giddy at the idea of being able to roam the country and see what new adventures there are to be… Kind of like the energy of a marathon as you are in the holding pen areas, ramping up for a run with a bunch of fellow runners.  The energy, the adrenalin, the excitement… all ready to be released..


Sigh.. but not for some time. We are pretty adamant about planning this out, and not letting our hearts get too far ahead of our brains.. (or pockets). But still, the allure is there, the draw to the open road and to the places that we have yet to explore…

I am working on a google map of our places we want to check out, the list is enormous, and we realize we don’t have to do them all at one time, but WOO HOO! Ready to rumble!

Below is the current map of places we want to hit… up the west coast in the spring, across the US/Canadian Border in the summer, and down the East Coast in the fall, then over to Colorado for skiing, then down to the Keys for some diving… then go from there… wherever the mind wanders….

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